Why Don’t We Send Nuclear Waste To The Sun?02:46

Published on April 23, 2017

Why Don’t We Send Nuclear Waste To The Sun?

Could we just send all our nuclear waste to the sun? It would sure solve a lot of problems! Trace looks at whether or not this crazy plan has any possibility of happening.

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What are nuclear wastes and how are they managed?
“The most significant high-level waste from a nuclear reactor is the used nuclear fuel left after it has spent three years in the reactor generating heat for electricity. ”

Radioactive waste: Where to put it?
“As the U.S. makes new plans for disposing of spent nuclear fuel and other high-level radioactive waste deep underground, geologists are key to identifying safe burial sites and techniques.”

FYI: Why Not Just Dispose of Nuclear Waste in the Sun?
“After FYI answered why dumping the world’s nuclear waste into a volcano would be a bad idea in March, our inbox was flooded with readers wondering, “Well, how about shooting it into the sun?”

“This paper discusses the key technological and non-technological issues involved in disposing of high-level nuclear waste by launching it into space. Space disposal has two major benefits.”

Use Sun to dispose of radioactive waste?
“Just from the stand-point of the Sun itself and it’s environment, is it possible or not to utilize the Sun to safely dispose of spent radioactive waste fuel from reactors and what would be the possible ramafications (positive or negative) for the Earth and it’s environment as a result, if any?”

Storage and Disposal Options
“Most low-level radioactive waste (LLW) is typically sent to land-based disposal immediately following its packaging for long-term management. This means that for the majority (~90% by volume) of all of the waste types, a satisfactory disposal means has been developed and is being implemented around the world.”

Why Don’t We Send Nuclear Waste To The Sun?

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Why Don't We Send Nuclear Waste To The Sun?
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