The Dope – Your Weekly Dose [Episode 7]

Published on December 7, 2017

The Dope – Your Weekly Dose [Episode 7]

A SnG Comedy Presentation.
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Dope – Your Weekly Dose, by Bollywood Gandu
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In this episode Karan Talwar talks about
N Srinivasan on being elected as the ICC Chairman
Tennis palyer Maria Sharapova’s comment on being asked about Sachin Tendulkar
Bollywood being plagued with overacting.
Some Bizzare ads
Gandugiri Mashup of the week – two amazing trailers.

Check out the full videos Here:
Menon Uncle dancing: Malayalam Album – Worst Dance Ever

Elvis Sikh: new walkers poppadums

Shahrukh overacts: kal ho naa ho emotional scene

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The Dope – Your Weekly Dose [Episode 7]

The Dope – Your Weekly Dose [Episode 7]

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