Scare Killer Clown Prank 5 ! DM Pranks05:37

Published on July 20, 2016

Scare Killer Clown Prank 5 ! DM Pranks

Video Description:

-To shoot this video it took 25 days of shooting/editing, about 3 months of work total, we got arrested 2 time and we got sued
-2 Members of the crew got arrested for a month because of the first scene
-Usually we wait for the last cars in the parking lot, this means that if the reaction is wasted we will have to wait 24 more hours to get another reaction. This is to avoid too much mess while filming
-The explosion is real
-We had to chase the guys at the gas station, we found them 10 minutes later on another gas station nearby trying to refill the car
-The first scene has been filmed in march
-We have 4 deleted scene for this one, we will upload it on Facebook
-We can’t say if the clowns died or not.
-Usually once the video reach 20million views we schedule the next part, so share the video as much as you can if you prefer the clown to be alive.

Source: DmPranksProductions

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Scare Killer Clown Prank 5 ! DM Pranks
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