JAMAICA CANNABIS – Full Documentary HD

Published on December 8, 2017

JAMAICA CANNABIS – Full Documentary HD

JAMAICA CANNABIS – Full Documentary HD
The image of Jamaica in the media has always been related to either Bob Marley or marijuana. While both Marley and ganja have deep roots planted in this spectacular island, the reality of consuming and cultivating cannabis in Jamaica differs greatly from the perception. You could even go so far as to call Jamaica’s lack of regulations its worst kept secret. Strangely enough, marijuana has been illegal in Jamaica for decades. In April, 2015 that started to change with the passing of the “ganja law” that decriminalizes marijuana but only to a certain extent. Naturally, radical changes are not that common on the island and to say this law does not come without limitations would be an exaggeration of biblical proportions.

The Nitty Gritty

So, let’s break it down, shall we? Citizens are allowed to cultivate and consume cannabis on a daily basis. If you happen to be one of them, just make sure the number of plants does not exceed five and the company you keep while consuming it is restricted to friends and family, though we can’t imagine smoking with anyone you haven’t invited into your home.

“Home” is a key word here because transporting bud seems excessive to the authorities. It’s fine if you keep it under 56 grams, but you’ll get fined if you’re caught with more. A fine of 500 Jamaican dollars equals about $4.50 USD so you’ll be free to smoke another day. However, anything over two ounces will get you in trouble resulting in a criminal file with trafficking charges. This affects your work status and really complicates things especially if you’re trying to find work in another country.

The law definitely marks a step in the right direction and, as we have witnessed in the US, baby steps are essential when it comes to changing marijuana legislation. Especially when you want to rebrand an entire island with an extremely rich history built on a very strong cannabis culture.

For instance, Rastafarians are the cornerstone of that culture and because of that, they are a tad exempt from the law. Due to the Rastafari religion, they can grow and transport cannabis in unlimited quantities under the condition they consume it during religious practices and don’t sell it to other parties.

Medical Marijuana Industry

One of the governments main goals is to create a community that can establish a new foundation for building a medical marijuana industry necessary for production of cannabis products.

Pills, oils, nutrients, creams and inhalations would essentially become a vital part of that industry. This desire stems from the fact that cannabis is undoubtedly Jamaica’s most relevant product and while Europe, Israel and the US are well ahead of Jamaica in terms of marijuana legislation, Jamaica still holds the keys to some of the best bud available on the planet.

It would be a shame not to regulate the market and reap the benefits from it. Israel, which is probably the last place people initially associate with marijuana, has been so far ahead in the field of medical marijuana research that other countries are struggling to catch up.

That’s why a state agency has been formed that will be in charge of handing out permits to private companies willing to pursue their cultivation projects in this cannabis haven. There is a one-acre limit per permit and local growers are strongly encouraged to take advantage of the recent change in legislation, particularly if they have grown marijuana before and are willing to do it under strict norms that would live up to the standards of medical marijuana.

This is where education comes in and that is why the Jamaican government needs to ensure that everyone is familiar with both legislation and standards before cultivation begins.

Legislation Ends Agitation

Due to legal constrains, growing marijuana in Jamaica has been a stressful occupation with most growers sleeping close to the fields in case of possible raids or robbers that would destroy their crops without blinking twice. Sometimes it’s local folks stumbling upon a grow site, other times it’s local police officers or even Americans who decide to shake things up a bit.

These “actions” usually result in year long incarcerations and burnt fields. That is why it is vital to understand every new law that paves the road for marijuana cultivators. The distinctions need to be clear and local growers must be properly educated to ensure a smooth transition to the next stage – a hassle free cannabis culture in which the locals are free from oppression.

Because when you look at Jamaica’s arrest history, it becomes quite clear that out of 15,000 people arrested per year due to possession, most of them are young and poor men, which essentially makes most locals a very easy target. Whether the police officers will get accustomed to the new law quickly remains to be seen but history has shown that a change in police attitude rarely happens over night. That is why Jamaicans41:222016-10-14 19:40:25

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JAMAICA CANNABIS – Full Documentary HD

JAMAICA CANNABIS – Full Documentary HD

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