7 CREEPY Trends Throughout History

Published on December 18, 2017

7 CREEPY Trends Throughout History

From weird things the Egyptians used to do to….into the Nile…to people getting tuberculosis as a fad to people just being idiotic…these are 7 Creepy Trends in History,

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Humans have a weird habit of not only blindly following their political and religious leaders’ instructions, but also attempting to mimic their behaviour and appearance. Queen Elizabeth the first of England was known to consume so much sugar her teeth went black, so to suck up to her, her people would artificially blacken their teeth in tribute.

One trend that never changes regardless of technology or culture is man’s desire to do stupid stunts better than their friends. The cinnamon challenge, planking, eyeball licking, the ice bucket challenge…what’s next? The stick your thumb up your butt and eat a whole bag of flour challenge? I hope so, because I’m getting pretty good at that.

Whenever a new invention comes along that promises to change our world there will always be those who are fearful. This is a phenomenon known as technophobia, and of the most prominent historical examples comes from the industrial revolution, when new machines threatened to replace the work of skilled craftsmen.

As you munch down on your morning bowl full of chia seeds and kale chips moistened by your own horrible tears, just be thankful you don’t live in an age when the latest fad could kill you. People have always sought a shortcut to health and wellness, and this trend goes way way back.

Another trend which transcends human history is the idea of penis comparison, and that to prove yourself as a man you must demonstrate the size of your manhood to anyone and everyone you meet. Today men represent their mythically large trouser-python by driving expensive sports cars, but this behaviour has occurred in males for a long, long, long, really long, I mean frighteningly long time. It’s so long I don’t even think you could take it, but let’s try anyway.

Humanity has always sought to discover the meaning of existence by giving spiritual meaning to gods in the sky, supreme beings here on earth, ghosts in the closet, and aliens on faraway planets. The first written records of organised religious practice date back to the Sumerians of Mesopotamia in 3500 BC, but there is also evidence of some Chinese religious activity way back in 4500 BC.10:72016-06-26 03:01:24

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7 CREEPY Trends Throughout History

7 CREEPY Trends Throughout History

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